Multiplayer Compatible World in Conflict Mods

There are a couple of mods released that will work with the latest patch and our multiplayer services.
Most World in Conflict mods have been uploaded to You can all check them out, however, only the following have been tested to work with the latest patch and our multiplayer services:
  • Modern Warfare
  • Fun Mod
  • No Hope
  • BriscoeMod
  • AnhCheats
If you want to create a mod yourself, you can use the mod kit, available on our downloads page.
Mods Setup Instructions
With your mod download, you should either get an installer (.exe file) or a .zip pack. For the installer, simply execute it and follow the instructions on the screen. You should not need to change any settings during the setup process. For the .zip pack, you will find at least 3 files in it:
  • a file *modname*.sdf - the biggest of the three that contains all the modified game data
  • a file
  • a file modinfo.loc
...where *modname* is the name of the mod, including e.g. its version number and other info.

Installing mods from .zip files

To install the mod, you will have to create a folder for World in Conflict in your public documents plus subfolders called "mods" and in there one with the *modname*. The total path should be: "C:\Users\Public\Documents\World in Conflict\Mods\*modname*"
Extract all files from the .zip pack and move them into the *modname* folder (or if there is a *modname* folder in your .zip pack, just into the mods folder). Example: Assume you want to install Fun Mod 1.5.4, the .zip file you download will contain the following structure and files: folder: "Fun Mod MW 1.5.4" files inside that folder: "Fun Mod MW 1.5.4.SDF", "" and "modinfo.loc" (plus a change log .txt file which can be ignored). You can easily extract the whole .zip pack into "C:\Users\Public\Documents\World in Conflict\Mods", as you will get the folder "Fun Mod MW 1.5.4" automatically. NOTE: The folder containing the mod's .sdf file must have the same name as the .sdf file. Otherwise you will not be able to see the mod inside your game.

Playing the mod

When you have placed the mod in the correct folder, you can launch World in Conflict. Go to Options > Select Mod. A list with available mods appears. Click the mod you want to play and press Select Mod. World in Conflict will reload the game with the mod in use. Depending on the mod, the main menu will be changed already. You can now create a server in your local network or log in to our multiplayer services and create a game there to play with others. To go back to vanilla World in Conflict, simply go to Options > Select Mod and click Unload Mod. World in Conflict will reload the game. Afterwards you're ready to play the standard online matches or singleplayer campaign. NOTE: The menu Options > Select Mod is only available from the main menu, not when logged in to multiplayer or during a match.
Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare Mod

MW Mod Homepage:

The World in Conflict: Modern Warfare Mod focuses on combined arms warfare in the modern realm.
Detailed new mechanics and new units add increased levels of realism in gameplay and encourages teamwork
through networked battlefield elements.

Highlights of new units and features:
  • Fire Direction Center and infantry's ability to call for fire from support's MLRS artilleries.
  • Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) permits infantry to lase targets and provide terminal guidance for supported guided munitions.
  • Flying aircraft units (non-playable) on station to provide air support for in-game players. JTAC infantry can call for air support from overflying aircraft.
  • Improved infantry combat and enhanced anti-tank attack options for infantry.
  • Increased realism for armor, with enhanced details for Main Battle Tanks and Infantry Fighting Vehicles providing support.
  • Challenging, but rewarding gameplay for attack helicopters, combined with heavy firepower on attack options.
  • Launch ballistic missiles & cruise missiles using TA purchased launchers.
  • Integrated Air & Missile Defense with Patriot, Iron Dome and S-300 systems providing defense from enemy ballistic missiles, rocket artillery and air attacks.
Current version: 6.0 - development ongoing.
Modern Warfare is a multiplayer only mod.

Please note that the MWMod Map Pack may "hide" or "overwrite" some of your installed custom maps even
when the mod is not running, even though they are not physically removed.
Fun Mod
The Fun Mod has been blahdy's first project before the Modern Warfare Mod. You will find some units in here
already that can now be admired in the MW Mod. Fun Mod includes several unique units like the T-Rex from
do_Studio, Chuck Norris and all kinds of cool stuff. It's still quite close to the original World in Conflict
gameplay, though, which makes it compatible with singleplayer.

Current version: 1.5.5 (file names are 1.5.4 though) - development stopped.
Fun Mod is mainly designed for multiplayer but compatible with singleplayer, too.
anhCheats allows you to spawn all the regular units of vanilla World in Conflict - in any quantity, with any rank.
It also allows you to place any TA strikes, as much as you like. It requires you to have a wicautoexec.txt and
the console working (see here for more info on this). Instructions on how to use the mod and how to edit the
wicautoexec.txt file can be found in the .zip pack.

Current version: 3.0 beta - development stopped.
anhCheats is mainly designed for singleplayer, as you can probably imagine what happens with 2 or more
"cheaters" at once on a server. It is impossible to use the mod as a cheat together with the regular
multiplayer (ranked servers etc.).