World in Conflict FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

Hopefully these FAQs will cover most of your questions. If you have any other question, there is always our Reddit Page.

Simply apply the World in Conflict Multiplayer Fix and create an account in-game.

As long as you created your account with a valid email, you can change your password here

You may need to change your server filters in-game, try setting them to 'No Filter'


No, Ubisoft discontinued the old Massgate, you will need to create a new account in-game.

Download World in Conflict here, or use the big orange button on the right

You can get FREE CD Keys here

Yes, they are still valid.

Download this .reg file (right click, save as). Double click the .reg file to reset your World in Conflict CD Key, the next time you start World in Conflict you will be given a chance to enter your new CD Key.


Sure, everything you need is in the downloads section.

No, you can remove it, all you need is the multiplayer fix. Apply it if you haven't already.

There is a temporary forum on reddit. Feel free to ask any questions there.

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