World in Conflict Online Multiplayer


1) If you're using the Steam version of World in Conflict, download the package for Steam users, and continue with step 4.

2) Non-Steam users, update World in Conflict to version 1.011, make sure you choose the proper language.

3) Download the package for the retail version.

4) Copy the included files from the archive to your 'wic.exe' install directory, backup the old files before overwriting.

Most common locations for 'wic.exe' (where 'X' is your hard drive):

  • X:\Program Files (x86)\Sierra Entertainment\World in Conflict
  • X:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\World in Conflict
  • X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\World in Conflict
  • or right click a WiC shortcut, go to properties and click 'Open file location'.

5) Also get the additional maps, these are required to play on some servers.

6) You should be able to start WiC as usual. Create an account, join a server, have fun.

Known issues:

This is work in progress, some areas in the game may not function as expected.

  • Chat rooms button does nothing.
  • Clan wars.
  • Leaderboards/Ranks/Stats (currently in progress).

  • You may get this error message:
    'The program can't start because MSVCR110.dll is missing from your computer.'

    Fix: Install Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Update 4 (vcredist_x86.exe / vcredist_x64.exe).

  • Windows XP is not supported as of this time.

If you have any other problems, happen to find a bug, accidently blow up

the server

, or are harrassed in any way, visit our Reddit Page and let us know. Make sure you describe your problem in detail. We will try to help you as soon as possible and we're looking forward to any feedback.

Extra Notes:

You don't need Tunngle to play WiC anymore, you can remove it!

- Unfortunately the current fix for Steam is the only one available until Valve decide to remove their DRM.